Luxury Ride USA

30 December

We are just moments away from stepping into the future. Technology is advancing in a way that may eliminate the need for most services. It has definitely shifted the limousine industry within the past decade. With Uber and other Transportation Network Companies, many Limousine Operators have faced some challenges. It will only be a matter of time before auto companies release their own version of the self-driving car. But, what does that mean for businesses?

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17 December

If you’re a regular at reserving ground transportation you have most likely experienced the anxiety of having a no show or late driver. It’s unfortunate but, it happens. Your main concern is what the heck do you do now? What alternative do I have at this point? The solution is in the preparation of the reservation in order to avoid this headache in the future.

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09 December

Let's talk about New York City traffic.

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12 October

A Dry Run is one of the most powerful and productive preps you can do to ensure your Event Transport in NYC is a Success.

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20 September

Luxury Ride understands that a luxury limo service in NYC is not just a purchase, but an investment.

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30 August

If you're from NYC / NJ , you know what it is like in the Morning going to work. Or the airport. Or to the shore. Or going anywhere. The Parkway, the Turnpike, I-95, the Bridges, the Airports, etc. 

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11 May

 Surviving JFK Terminal 4 “T4”

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