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Project Limo Ep #2: Sami Eltomani

Join Luxury Transportation Industry models Sami Eltomani & David Tash as they discuss different topics revolving around the LImo Industry in NYC, NJ, and beyond.
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David Tash of Luxury Ride wanted to speak with Sami Eltomani of Destination MCO to see what is going with the Luxury Limo Industry down in Orlando, Florida. Although Luxury Ride operates mainly in NYC and NJ, we exchange work with our friend Sami and Destination MCO down in Orlando. These two partners show us the importance of maintaining relationships and having open lines of communication. Consequently, everybody succeeds and all the customers are happy.Luxury Ride NYC | NJ Orlando Florida | Transportation

First of all, the figures from Luxury Ride and Destination MCO discuss trends in Annual Rate Increases. Does the Luxury Transportation Market vary that much from State to State?

In addition, we also hear different perspectives on Client Retention. Yes, we have booked a high-value client. But how do we book the high-value client again?

Furthermore, Tash and Sami also go into detail about some great Hiring Practices. Especially relevant, players in the Luxury Limousine Industry have all been victimized by Uber and other Ride Sharing Apps. It is important as Luxury Leaders to still maintain the high level of quality and service that we are known for. As the world of technology around us changes, so do we.

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 "Good Day, everyone. This is David Tash with Luxury Ride. So, welcome to #ProjectLimo. As we talked about before - we're gonna be doing a weekly show with other limousine operators discussing current events. Right now, we have Sami from Destination MCO on the line with us and is going to answer a couple questions that, trust me, you're not gonna want to miss this. So Sami tell the people about yourself and Destination MCO. Sami: Hi everybody my name is Samie. I'm the VP of finance and operations here at destination MCO in Orlando. We've been in business for about 15 years. Our cliental is about 90% corporate or so. With a heavy involvement in the meeting and events area. We do a lot of moves, a lot of corporate meetings here in Orlando as it is a destination city of course for conventions..."

Watch the full video here .

Project Limo Ep #2: Sami Eltomani

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