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Never Wait on Your Chauffeur Again


If you’re a regular at reserving ground transportation you have most likely experienced the anxiety of having a no show or late driver. It’s unfortunate but, it happens. Your main concern is what the heck do you do now? What alternative do I have at this point? The solution is in the preparation of the reservation in order to avoid this headache in the future.

Let us return to the point of making your reservation. We encourage you to inquire about the following aspects before putting your trust in the hands of a chauffeur service you’ve never used before:                                             

  • Choosing Your Pick Up Time 
  • Client Notifications 
  • GPS Tracking 

Choosing Your Pick Up Time  

When you choose your pick up time what do you consider? Probably travel time & how traffic is at that time of day right? Did you give yourself an extra 10-15 minute safety cushion on top of that? Everyone assumes any professional driver will strive to be at the pick up location at least 15 minutes early. That is true in a case where everything runs smooth and there are no unfortunate events. Try to plan for the unexpected such as flat tires or accidents. Just in case these events do occur you will be prepared for it.

Client Notifications

Ask the travel manager how their team plans for their reservations. Does their team have a routine to make sure that they are in route and on time? Following your emailed confirmation, there should be a notification reminder the day prior to confirm that the date and times are correct. Along with the name and number for your driver for you to personally have contact. Most chauffeur services should also have the technology to update you with a text message when the driver is on the way to help put your worries at ease. Travel services are expensive you have to make sure your getting what you paid for from the very start of your experience.

GPS Tracking

The last thing your going to want it verify is if the company have real time GPS tracking for their cars. In the case that the driver is late or hasn’t showed up the dispatcher should be able to track down how far the driver is and give you an exact estimate on when he should be arriving. One thing you don’t want is a company that promises that the driver will be there in 5 minutes but doesn’t really have the ability to confirm that.

Verifying that you are working organized and precautious team is the only way your going to feels secure with your new vendor. Don't wait until it is too late to figure out that this is not the vendor for you. With today's technology you should expect nothing less than the above. A vendor who is experienced and professional should make you feel in good hands from the initial point of making your reservation.



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Never Wait on Your Chauffeur Again

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