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How Self-driving Cars Will Affect Chauffeur Services

We are just moments away from stepping into the future. Technology is advancing in a way that may eliminate the need for most services. It has definitely shifted the limousine industry within the past decade. With Uber and other Transportation Network Companies, many Limousine Operators have faced some challenges. It will only be a matter of time before auto companies release their own version of the self-driving car. But, what does that mean for businesses?

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Taxi drivers and chauffeurs are just a few that will be affected by the autonomous car. Think of the delivery services, school transportation, city buses, courier and mail services and also truck drivers. What will happen to all the drivers for these companies? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics close to 4 million jobs could be replaced by the self-driving car.

But it doesn’t stop there. With self-driving cars there may also be a decline in car ownership. Which means a decline in insurance company customers. There won’t be a need for traffic policing, meaning fewer traffic tickets. There will definitely be a huge shift in the economy, but many businesses wont know how to adjust until we see the effect.


Concerns of Society

Although they have found a way to replace the driver, it maybe a while before we see the replacement of each of these jobs. The security of mail and courier services may be an issue with some people. How will packages and mail actually reach to someone’s doorstep? How will they even ensure that the delivery was made to the correct person?

We already know that it will take time for others to transition. Many traditional people will still choose to hire drivers and chauffeurs for their reason of safety. Self-driving cars are meant to be a safer option. But, according to Uber, who has recently released self-driving cars in San Francisco, they still have safety concerns with the bike lane. The cars were also caught running red light and committing other traffic violations. For these reasons alone use of the autonomous car will be postponed.



Many are not going to approve of the idea of autonomous cars. But as our culture starts the demand for technology, society will have no choice but to shift with the demand. People will admire the advantages such as more time for work and leisure. Less traffic, less accidents, less car emissions, which lead to better environmental circumstances.


We are only in the beginning stages of accepting the autonomous cars. The best thing for effected businesses to do, is to find a ways to advance now. Push your company to find ways to take advantage of the new technology, and be innovative to stay in business.



How Self-driving Cars Will Affect Chauffeur Services

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