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Best chauffeur NYC Avoids Traffic Caused By Donald Trump

Let's talk about New York City traffic.

Let us talk about New York City traffic. If you have ever used chauffeur service in the big apple you know nothing is more frustrating than waiting twenty two minutes to get from one block to the next. Gravitty seems to get heavier, the earth's orbit appears to slow down and your filled with more anticipation than a child on christmas eve. Well guess what! NYC traffic just got worse! Thanks to hightened security for the president elect. 

 It is the type of gridlock you see during the united nations when President Oboma comes to town. Thankfully.....yes thankfully some of NYC's top chauffeurs have developed solutions to combat this extra traffic.

We surveyed over twenty chauffeur nyc and documented the best solutions just for you. Let us take a look:                                            

  • Central Park South Shortcut
  • Avoiding 5th avenue between 45th-57th street 
  • Asking Donland Trump to relocate to a more suburbian area (Westchester)  

Central Park South Shortcut   

You can shave an average of 12 minutes off of your NYC to LGA Limo trip by taking 5th avenue all the way up to central park south.

Avoiding The Danger Zones

The new president has just two months to plan a new admistration and on inaugural day begin to move the first family into the theWhite House. But will traffic ease then? Not according to some traffic experts, see Traffic Nightmare. Traffic is at it's worst right around the trump tower on Fifth avenue. It might be best to avoid this area if you can   

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Best chauffeur NYC Avoids Traffic Caused By Donald Trump

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