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Commonly Asked Questions While Booking a Luxury Chauffeur Service

Luxury Ride understands that a luxury limo service in NYC is not just a purchase, but an investment.

Something like this should not be rushed. Just like any important decision in our lives, think about your ride around NYC. COMPARE. CONTRAST. Ask Questions.

Luxury Ride has put together a quick list of Frequently Asked Questions from some of our larger clients. Before you start becoming overwhelmed with all the options presented in front of you - take a look at these questions below! If you have anything else you would like to ask us that we missed in our list, feel free to reach out!


Q) If I am waiting for my chauffeur to arrive because they are running late (traffic, accident, etc.), am I charged for my waiting time?

A) No. Such a case...our paid service to you begins as soon as you get into our car.


Q) If I keep my driver waiting, will I be billed for his or her waiting time?

A) Yes. There is a 15 minute grace period, allowing some tardy time for our passengers. After that 15 minutes, there will be a small wait-time fee billed in proportion to your reservation details.

Luxury Transportation | NYC | NJ | Luxury Ride | Luxury Limo

  Luxury Transportation | NYC | NJ | Luxury Ride | Luxury Limo

Q) How will I know if my car has arrived? How will I be able to find them once I'm outside?

A) We use cutting-edge technology to keep our clients updated. You will be notified when your Luxury Limo is on the way to you and when the driver has arrived. You will be notified by Text & Email. When you receive the notification, you will receive a picture of your driver, their name, and their phone number - so you can contact your driver directly.

Per request, your driver can be waiting for you outside his or her vehicle with a sign with YOUR name on it! (Already included for airport pickups).


Q) What sort of vehicles does Luxury Ride have?

A) We are a Luxury chauffeur Service, so only Luxury Cars. Mercedes S550 & Sprinter. Cadillac Escalade, SUV & Sedan. Chevy Suburban. If you are looking for something more showy to cruise around NYC, for events, parties, etc. check out our Luxury Party Buses!


Q) How do I handle payment? Do I have to pay the driver? What about a tip?

A) Just call our office [(888)-774-4847], speak to our wonderful Dispatcher and let them know what you want, and we will take it from there. Everything is seamless and handled prior to the ride. When we quote a client a price, it is the FINAL, true price. It includes gratuity. So this means our passenger does not need to handle payment with the driver, it is taken care of before hand through our office and booking procedure.


Q) What if I miss my reservation? (Sickness, overtime work, delayed/cancelled flight, etc.)

A) For most trips, we require a 12 hour notice. On specialty vehicles (such as our buses), we require a 48 hour notice. For situations that are out of our client's control, we will assess the situation and work together to rectify it.


Q) How do I cancel a reservation?

A) Send an email or call our dispatch number. Afterwards, we will provide you with a "Cancellation Confirmation".


Q) What are your rates?

A) Our general rates can be found on our website. We have competitive pricing, in respects to a Luxury Brand. We can always work something out for repeated, high-value accounts.


Q) What is your Insurance Policy? Am I liable for anything at all?

A) We operate under a $5 million Insurance Umbrella; providing us with the highest Insurance coverage concerning a Luxury Limo vendor and Luxury Insurance in NYC. This may seem like a lot, but it is always better safe than sorry.


Q) How do I write Luxury Ride a Review?

A) Right HERE :)

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Commonly Asked Questions While Booking a Luxury Chauffeur Service

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